A Little Sparkle For The Holidays

By Davie & Chiyo
Posted on December 05 2013


As the holiday season approaches, so does our affinity for anything sparkly. We're drawn to glitter, metallics and sequins like crows but the trick is doing just enough without overdoing it.

Rule of thumb: One is enough.

Whether it's an entirely reflective gown or just a glimmering clutch or pair of peep-toe Mary Janes, one special piece is enough to amp up your outfit to holiday mode. Competing pieces can be overwhelming, and can often diminish the effect of the sparkle, so keep it simple and let one shine for the night. (Besides, there are enough holiday festivities as the year comes to a close to keep your glittery wardrobe in full rotation!)

We've been loving a subtle sparkle in neutral hues, like nude, blush and champagne. There's something understated (that's ironic) about a neutral shimmer that makes it so much more wearable in large doses without creating that disco ball effect. Think full gowns, a bodice or skirt - it's definitely a look we're swooning over this holiday season.

So get inspired, experiment and try a pop of sparkle somewhere unexpected! 

Chandon Box Clutch, Midnight Box Clutch



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