10 toppers to keep you warm (and stylish) for spring weddings

Springtime is finally here, but that doesn't mean we're in the clear yet: yesterday in Vancouver, we were dashed with another sudden downpour. You know what they say—April showers, May flowers, etcetera. For those of us planning springtime weddings, the weather is an equal concern. Depending on where you live, it can be too risky to go straight for the outdoor wedding of your dreams. Some of us will opt for a covered or indoor wedding, but some will tempt fate just a touch, and opt for nuptials under the wide open sky. 

In the spirit of preparedness for the briskness of spring evenings, we added heaps of new coverups to our latest collection. Made out of the finest laces, these coverups can be worn to complement a simple dress, or as a prelude to a more wild evening. You know, with bare shoulders and all! This is a collection of our favourite coverups we've come across (or created!) lately.

Photos by Inga Avedyan, featuring our Dena Topper. Also from BHLDN

Long sleeves

Long sleeve coverups are very popular for a few reasons: they can dress up a very simple gown for a very low price; they can add a little bit of warmth; and they can up the modesty factor in a serious way. Whether or not you're embracing covered wrists and ankles, or if you're just acting the part until your great aunt goes home for the night, coverups are a great, non-committal and affordable way to explore a few different looks throughout the night. We're obsessed with our fussy-cut Dena Topper in the Ilaria Lace, and the very fancy Poppy Topper.

Photos featuring our Harlow and Maeve Toppers. 


We're obsessed with a good shift cut topper. This has to be the most elegant cut of all time, and does wonders to give you a trim shape and show off your arms. We love the sassy cut of the Harlow Topper, and the classic look of the Maeve Topper, complete with its fussy-cut finish. High cut necklines are also one of our favourite trends (that we hope will stay forever), and shift cut toppers take advantage of this elegant and timeless cut!


Photos from Junebug Weddings, and featuring our Thaleia Cape.


Capes are our favourite for fashion forward brides. These are the easiest to wear and change out of if you're intending to go through a few looks in an evening, but they also bring with them an elegant modesty that you just can't get with anything else. Capes are equal parts regal, whimsical, and just a little bit fairytale, depending on the lace you choose! We love the Thaleia Cape—she's been one of our best sellers since we introduced our separates collection! 

Photos featuring our Elodie Topper and a cute topper from JurgitaBridal.

Short sleeves

Probably the best embodiment of fresh, spry springtime is a cute short sleeved topper. We love this cut for its peppy, youthful cap sleeve and its versatility—short sleeved toppers can be worn with pretty much anything! Our Elodie Topper is one of our best sellers for its romantic, timeless button closure at the back—so elegant, and shows off your shoulders with a low or backless gown. Short sleeved toppers are the perfect way to spruce up a simple look at a very low price point. You can't go wrong!

Which is your favourite? Be sure to take a look at our Toppers—we've got a variety of laces which offer a really varied effect. (The Ilaria Lace is our current fave!). 

xo D&C

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