Inspired | Cherry Blossoms


Vancouver has been looking a lot more pink lately...

Cherry blossom tree lined streets are in full bloom all over the city, and with airy pink confetti blowing in the wind, it's difficult not to get inspired. We love the earthy yet feminine motif of cherry blossoms. Shades of pale pink and white are a classically romantic palette, and depending on your background, can have just the right amount of Asian influence.

Cherry blossoms can inspire and influence wedding decor in so many ways. From real cherry blossom centrepieces, garlands and branches, to subtle blossom-inspired touches. Bridal accessories are a natural fit for floral accents, and the pink wedding dress trend invites some creative exploration. 

Have fun with this motif and let Mother Nature inspire 

Viola Headband

Pomp & Posy Clutch - Ivory on Blush


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