Some of the Hottest Trends in Bridesmaids Clutch for 2014

By Davie & Chiyo
Posted on July 21 2014

Trends in weddings change almost by the season and certainly annually. What was big last year is probably dated this year, even though you loved it at the time. Simple things like the types of flowers that are perfect change sometimes because demand on the florist can’t keep up to the trend. Calla lilies are one that comes to mind. They were everywhere a few years ago and then none were, available in late August. I’m sure you can imagine a panicky moment or two as the bride had to do a fast rethink with the florist a week before the big day. 

One thing that has been steadily rising for the past while and may never go out of style is the Bridesmaid’s clutch. The good news for you is that as the style continues to grow in popularity more and more great options are available.

The popular styles include envelope, box and beaded. The envelope clutch is a slim, narrow, easy to handle clutch that comes in a variety of colours to suit your style and almost any palette including floral prints and geometrics. Daisy, Iris, violets, and roses pop up often as floral favorites, as do bold black and white designs, fun shapes patterns in a bold red and several others taking advantage of the trend in colour blocking, including blues and greens and purple hues. Think Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and her classic but bold and forward style.

If the wedding is in a more traditional style then a touch of lace or a vintage fabric might be just the item. Full lace over soft neutrals or pastels work great for a classic feminine touch. Sometimes just a hint of lace is enough to really make it click, if that’s your target, look for a clutch with a strip of lace or one fully wrapped in French lace. You might also consider a clutch in a classic pleated style, some even come with a beautiful flower or bow to complete the piece.

No matter what the brie or you are wearing the simple beauty of clutch purses is a great way to make an elegant and functional addition to your wardrobe. There is bound to be the perfect clutch to fit your outfit at the next event.


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