Celebrate Your Bridal Shower with Excellent Gifts to Offer Bridesmaids

By Davie & Chiyo
Posted on July 25 2014

It is important to show your appreciation for those who help you arrange and manage your wedding. Your bridesmaids often play key roles and the question of what sort of gift is right for them will come up. You want to choose something similar for all of them, but probably not identical to make it more individualized. Ideally you would like to make it personal so that they too are able to share the memories they have helped you make.

There are many common options available like gift cards and spa days, but one is so impersonal and a bit thoughtless and although a spa day can be fun it is often quite expensive for a group and isn’t really a lasting item they will treasure. Other options include photo frames, jewelry boxes and assorted glassware like goblets, wine glasses and decanters.


If you really think about your group you probably already know some of the things that they think are special like a sweater from a great winter weekend or some sunglasses from a holiday. It isn’t always a great expense that makes a perfect gift but the activity behind it. Buy tying the gifts to your wedding celebration you give them a trigger that creates memories of this time you had together.

Great options include sashes that can be used again and again on other dresses, jewellery that has a uniqueness about each piece but is of a similar design for each of your bridesmaids. Bracelets or necklace and earing sets are great choices here. There are literally thousands of options to choose from. New trends suggest wire wound and handmade pieces are very popular, and simple stones or glass pieces are often replacing traditional settings and gemstones as jewellery gifts.

And what about clutch bags? These come in such huge variety that you can tailor your choices to each woman in the group or select an option that ties subtly to the theme of the wedding itself. If all the men are in lavender ties wouldn’t matching clutches in the same colour be a great compliment? And each clutch can be slightly different perhaps to match the personality of each of the bridesmaids. Something a bit bolder for the outspoken one, perhaps something a little toned down for the business woman in the group, and maybe something more playful if you have some younger women participating.

The choices are yours, but a little time thinking about those who are so important to your day will help you choose the perfect gift.


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