How To Tie A Sash

how to tie a sash splendid silk sash
How to tie a sash? It may seem like an insignificant detail—until you are that bride Googling “how to tie a sash” fifteen minutes before you walk down the aisle. (Hopefully this isn’t you!) So if you are one of the many brides without enough fortune to have had your wedding dress designer teach you how to tie a sash, please watch or read on—because there isn’t anything that finishes a bridal look quite like the perfectly drawn bow. 
Step one:
Holding the sash in each hand, ensure that they are smooth, even, and equal in length.
Step two:
Cross the left sash over top of the right sash.
Step three:
Pull the left sash under the right sash at the centre.
Step four:
With the right sash make a loop facing right.
Step five:
Bring the left/unlooped sash down over top of the right/looped sash.
Step six:
Bring the left/unlooped sash under the right/looped sash and through the gap underneath.
Step seven:
Pull the looped ends to form the perfect bow.
Step eight:
Adjust, primp, and gush at its perfect cuteness as necessary.
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