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10 Reasons To Plan A Winter Wedding

By April Van Woerden
Posted on November 16 2014

1. Snow White Wedding
Winter weddings means snow—gorgeous, lush, bright snow. (Just think of the pictures!) Not to mention the predictability of snow—while spring, summer, and autumn brides are losing sleep over weather forecasts, you’ll be dreaming of a rain-less, snow-filled white wedding. And if you’re the luckiest of winter brides, the skies will be speckled with snow while you walk down that wintry aisle. 

2. It’s All About Lighting

Summer brides often miss out on sunset and moonlit evening receptions—but not you! Winter weddings mean candlelit ceremonies, string light enchanted receptions, and sunset accented photos.

3. Off-Season Discounts

Off-season weddings mean off-season prices. Many wedding vendors will let you haggle on prices in the colder months—it’s definitely worth a try! Your wedding budget will thank you.

4.Vendor Availability

Popular ceremony and reception cites are often impossible to book. Have your heart set on the Teahouse Restaurant or Hycroft Manor in Vancouver? You may have to book a few years in advance to get the summer date you want. Winter weddings open up venue availability—and you can bet the same is true when booking your wedding planner, florist, photographer, caterer, and everything else in between!

5. Guest Availability

Your guests are more likely to get time off during the slower months. Summer weddings are a dime a dozen and your guests' calendars can often fill up months or even a year in advance. In the winter months, however, you'll find yourself competing with fewer weddings, so can usually expect a better turn out. Also, for those guests traveling from out of town, it may be easier to find the time in winter months when summer vacations have long passed.

6. Holidays, Holidays, Holidays

Need I say more? It’s the holiday season—capitalize on that. Holiday decor, holiday sparkle, holiday party. Whether hinting at Christmas or throwing the most lavish New Year’s Eve wedding bash, your wedding will certainly be the most memorable party of the year!

7. Honeymoon

Honeymooners know that the cold months are the best times to get away. Ensure that every winter, when your anniversary comes around, you will have an excuse to fly somewhere a little warmer!

8. Anniversary Date

If you (ever-so-wisely!) choose to plan a New Year’s Eve wedding bash—guess what?—fireworks, glitter, and parties every anniversary, everywhere. Now that sounds lush.

9. Colours & Textures

Fur shawls, lace trimmings, gold highlights—what’s not to love? Winter weddings mean more fun with your bridal finishings. Stand out with burgundy lips, petal pink faux fur, deep wine accents, or even a black gown. Winter colours are daring and rich, so have fun with it!

10. The Flowers

Ranunculus,  Lisianthus, Dahlias, Paper Whites, Hydrangea, Bells of Ireland, Pepperberry, Acashia, Chrysanthemums, Helleborus, Narcissus, Protea, Queen Anne's Lace, Statice—are just a few of our favourite winter flowers.  Stand out with a rich winter bouquet of white ranunculus, burgundy dahlias, red protea, and a hint of pepperberry!

Some of our winter favourites: Ella Box Clutch, York Fur Shawl, Seraphina Sash, Pippa Headband

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