Bridesmaid Gifts On A Budget

By April Van Woerden
Posted on November 20 2014


Bridesmaid Gifts on a Budget

Finding bridesmaid gifts on a budget is no easy task. If you're like most brides out there then the very words "bridesmaid gifts" stirs up a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Not to mention, the wedding budget (which you keep breaking!) has given you your fair share of headaches, sleepless nights, and fights with the beloved beau. 

So for some budget-friendly inspiration, here are a few thoughtful ideas that we're loving right now.

#1 POP Phone, $25 each #2 Monogrammed Letterpress, $34 each (6 cards, 6 envelopes) #3 Matching Bridesmaid Clutches, $65 each #4 Custom Stamps, $45 each #5 Silk Kimono Robe, $27 each #6 Monogrammed Stationary, $40 each (15 pieces) #7 Minimergency Kit for Bridesmaids, $18 each #8 Mini Wine Tasting Kit, $25 each #9 Honeycomb Card Case, $24 each #10 Monogram Necklaces, $25.50 each #11 Mismatched Bridesmaid Clutches, $65 each


Looking for more inspiration? Be sure to check out Davie & Chiyo’s Pinterest account!



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  • Tiffany : December 15, 2014

    I monogrammed men’s button up shirts for $30 a piece. They were a huge hit!

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