What is a Garter?

What is a garter? Well, there are many wedding traditions that many-a-bride chooses to follow, but generally, a little research is needed to discover where exactly these traditions come from and what exactly these traditions mean. 

There's the garter toss, the bouquet toss, the cutting of the cake, the brides' parents paying for this and the grooms' parents paying for that, the something old, the something new, the something borrowed, and the something blue—just to name a few! 
Well, we've decided to uncover the mysteries of the garter & it's toss!

So, what is a garter? 
Historically, the garter acted as a practical piece of the bride's attire, holding her stockings from slipping down. Thought to be the oldest wedding tradition, the garter toss originated in superstition. Dating back to the Medieval Era, it was considered good luck for wedding guests to snatch a piece of the brides outfit. Over time, this progressed from guests fighting & tousling & ripping at pieces of the brides dress, to the groom tossing the garter to his groomsmen, and now to all the single men. As well as being considered a general good luck charm, it has also come to mean, for whomever catches the coveted garter, that he will be next to wed.  

So, why do we still toss the garter?
While the majority of modern couples are not superstitious, many still love engaging in all those little traditions that make up the whimsical, magical qualities of a wedding day.
It's also a great keepsake if you decide to hold onto it, rather than toss it. Or better yet, invest in a garter toss set! (Toss one, keep one!)

Well... Whatever you decide to do—toss it, keep it, or throw it out all together—the garter toss can take on whatever meaning you want it to. History, tradition, good luck, or just a bit of fun!

Some of our current favourites! 
Fletcher & Grace's Tiara Bridal Garter, D&C's Flora Garter, BHLDN's Mila Garter, Twigs & Honey's Beaded Blossom Garter and Crystal & Opal Blossom Garter.

(Header Photo: Green Ginger Photography) 

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