10 Reasons to Consider a New Year's Eve Wedding


Today is New Year's Eve, and we cannot help but dream of a decadent, lush, sparkly, and sequined New Year's Eve wedding. What's not to love about it? It's a nostalgically gorgeous holiday filled with good cheer, good food, good friends and it is always—ALWAYS—accompanied by fireworks. (Need we go on?) 

Well, here are just a few reasons to consider planning a New Year's Eve wedding.

1. Fireworks. It almost doesn't matter where you choose to spend your anniversary, you are almost guaranteed a stunning fireworks display to celebrate you & your favourite person. How picture perfect is that?

2. The parties. Likewise, there will always be lavish parties being thrown on your anniversary. You can throw them or crash them, either way there will be no shortage of parties from which you can choose. 

3. Sequins, sparklers, & confetti. You're wedding guests will expect that your wedding day is covered in everything that sparkles, shimmers, glitters, and shines. It is literally a bride's dream-come-true. Want your bridesmaids head-to-toe in black sequins? Please do. Want to wear a gold sequined gown? Do that too! A New Year's Eve wedding means you have the golden ticket to out-lavish Gatsby, himself.

4. The lighting. Summer brides often miss out on sunset and moonlit evening receptions—but not you! A New Year's Eve wedding means candlelit ceremonies, string light enchanted receptions, and sunset accented photos.

5. Dance the night away. You will be one of the few brides who doesn't have to worry about guests leaving early or refraining from dancing. If there is one night of the year that people are ready to let loose and party, it's New Year's Eve—just make sure you are ready to stay and celebrate with your guests until at least 12:01am!

6. Guest availability. During the winter holidays your guests are more likely to be able to get a day or two off of work, unlike during the summertime when work is usually at its busiest and weddings are a dime a dozen. And if the 31st doesn't happen to be attached to a weekend, most of your invitees will at least have the 1st off of work—so likely, they will gladly set aside the time to celebrate with you into the new year!

7. Never forget your anniversary. Trust us. Neither of you will forget your anniversary. Ever.

8. Honeymoon & anniversaries. Winter is the perfect time to get away, have a holiday, and enjoy the warm beaches of another land. Likewise, for most people, winter is the easiest time to get off of work. So if you envision being swept away on vacation every anniversary, likely you will have an easier time convincing your better-half if you have the promise of a little Vitamin D on your side.

9. Snow, snow, snow. If you are lucky enough to be hosting your New Year's Eve wedding somewhere that is covered in snow, then you can rest easy at night. While spring, summer, and autumn brides are losing sleep over weather forecasts, you’ll be dreaming of a rain-less, snow-filled white wedding. And if you’re the luckiest of winter brides, the skies will be speckled with snow while you walk down that wintry aisle. (And don't even get us started on the photos!)

10. And finally... your guests will forever be talking about your New Year's Eve wedding bash and how it was 'the most lavish, gorgeous, and memorable party of the year!'

Cheers, Happy Planning & Happy New Year!

Looking for more New Year's Eve Wedding inspiration? Check out our Pinterest!

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