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Wedding Trends | 2015

By April Van Woerden
Posted on January 16 2015


The 2015 wedding season is swiftly approaching, and the trends on the horizon are looking lovely! The weddings of 2015 will be full of classic elegance, statement floral pieces, and feminine, striking bridal gowns.

Here are a handful of wedding trends that we are looking forward to in 2015!

1. A return to the classic and the polished. Get ready to relive the elegant and grand weddings of the '80s and '90s (think Father of the Bride). While the 2000s have seen the development of trends in shabby chic, reclaimed wood, and rustic weddings—2015 will see a resurgence of black-tie affairs and cocktail hour. Expect to see champagne towers, exquisite wedding cakes, decadent hors d'oeuvres, grand floral arrangements, grooms in tuxedos, and brides in breathtakingly-romantic gowns. Keep in mind, however, that the black-tie weddings of 2015 will take on a modern flair with craft beer tasting stations, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, family-style dining, modern dress silhouettes—and likely, will not require male guests to rent a tux for the occasion (slacks & a tie will suit just fine!).

2. Minimalist, yet elegant. Though classic and polished weddings are on the horizon, the weddings of 2015 will still maintain modern minimalist undertones. While many brides will choose to wed in castles and manors, many brides will still choose to wed amongst exposed-beams, brick-walls, and nature. Floral arrangements will be grand, but they won't overwhelm. The dresses will be exquisite, but they won't overpower. The decorations will be elaborate, but they won't suffocate the space. In short, brides will look to strike the perfect balance between modern industrial minimalism and classically romantic grandeur. 

3. Floral trends. Floral arrangements will be lush, romantic, and grand—however, rather than relying on size to create grandeur, brides and florists will choose flowers that are full, romantic, and rich, such as Dahlias, Garden Roses, Ranunculus, and Hydrangea. Many brides will choose to give their arrangements a modern twist with statement flowers, such as Anemones, Protea, and bold greenery. Likewise, many brides will choose to soften their florals, by incorporating wildflower-esque blooms, such as Queen Anne's Lace, Bells of Ireland, Statice, and (hopefully!) by wrapping them in silk ribbon.

4. More, more, and more florals. We thought it was also worth mentioning that flowers will be everywhere. Weddings will be covered in flowers. No longer will brides opt to make their own centrepieces, as in the 2000s. Floral arrangements will resurface as the quintessential centrepiece. Likewise, floral garlands will replace table runners, as well as adorn archways, mantles, chairs, and railings. Seating charts will be framed in florals. Chandeliers will be made of them. Walls will be covered in them. In short, many brides will return to the days of the wedding flower cost being on par with that of the food and the venue. (But don't fret about flower-overabundance, most brides will likely pick only one or two statement floral installations, aside from the regular bouquets and centrepieces!)

5. Statement wedding dresses. In 2015, brides will be walking down the aisle in dresses that are modern, striking, elegant, and breathtakingly romantic. Brides will search to find a dress that is both perfectly classic and effortlessly statement. You will see romantic off-the-shoulder gowns, curve-forming dresses, structured bows, all manner of sequins, and, of course, a handful of non-traditional colours.

6. Yellow gold rings. A return to classic weddings, in turn, means a return to classic wedding jewelry. More and more, brides are opting-out of the trending white gold and platinum rings of the 2000s, and are opting-in for the yellow gold settings of yesteryear. Likewise, less and less grooms will search the internet looking for wedding bands made of indestructible metals, dinosaur bone, wood, or materials that once lived in outer space. Instead, grooms will gravitate toward the traditional, the simple, and likely, a band that matches their bride's.

7. Handmade calligraphy invitations. Handmade save-the-dates, invitations, and thank yous are wedding trends on the rise. While the brides of the 1990s spent substantial sums of money on extravagant invitation suites and the brides of the 2000s opted to make their own, the brides of 2015 are returning to the sophistication of the 1990s, while retaining the handmade-sentimentalism of the 2000s, with modern calligraphy invitations

8. Resurgence of wedding traditions. And finally, 2015 will bring with it a resurgence of wedding traditions. It has become more and more common for couples to forego the traditions of a time-gone-by, with many couples choosing to walk down the aisle arm-in-arm, veils off, outside of a church. However, in 2015, many couples will choose to return to a handful of the traditions that were oft forgot in the 2000s. Look forward to seeing more bouquet tosses, garter tosses, first dances, couples feeding one another cake, champagne toasts, clinking of glasses, and the superstitious-likes of 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.'

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