Homemade Garter

By April Van Woerden
Posted on March 02 2015


Homemade Garter Ideas & Budget-Friendly Alternatives

If you're like a lot of brides out there, you are looking for two things at every turn of your wedding planning—how to personalize your wedding & how to save a few dollars along the way. 

DIY ("do it yourself") projects are great way to tick each of those boxes. Today we thought we ought to offer one simple way for the budget-bride to save a little money—with homemade garter ideas!

Though it is a small, almost-unseen bridal accessory that traditionally is "tossed away" by the end of the night, the garter is often priced quite high. Many boutique bridal stores carry expensive (but lovely!) garters, often pushing $200 a piece. For the budget-minded bride, this is an expense she just cannot stomach. So her options? Find a bargain or find a homemade garter tutorial. 

So we've gone and rounded up a handful of simple, lovely homemade garter tutorials! 

If you've got a sewing machine handy: DIY Lace & Blue Garter Tutorial 

If you haven't got a sewing machine handy: DIY Lace, Rhinestone, & Pearl Garter Tutorial

Feeling adventurous & dainty? Incorporate this detail: DIY Chiffon & Tulle Floral Applique

Feeling inspired? Use lace from your grandmother's wedding dress for your "something old." Incorporate "something blue." Add hanging beading, like these gorgeous Twigs & Honey gartersGet creative!

And if you happen to be a budget bride who also has a budget on her time—we've got something for you too! (And check out those toss sets—one to toss, one to keep!)

Happy bargain-hunting, DIYing, & wedding planning!


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