2017's Holiday Picks! Gifts for your girls, your guy, your mom, and you (just because).

Happy December, everybody! We are thrilled to be welcoming another holiday season. Some of us have our shopping done already (how? Magic!) and the rest of us are woefully behind—but that's half the fun, isn't it? If you're like us and are not huge fans of fighting your way through malls filled with thousands of rabid shoppers, you also turn to online shopping to find just the right pieces. We love turning to Etsy and supporting other small businesses—there is so much talent and so many creative, unique gifts! 

We're excited to show you our favourite products that we released in 2017! Of course, releasing our first ever dress collection was a huge deal, and our lingerie line has been a smashing success! Check out our picks, themed by recipient, and make your online shopping spree a bit easier this time around. Happy holidays, everyone!

For your best friend

For your best friend

The Mia Earrings, Moondrop Necklace, and Primrose Bracelet

These three pieces of our finest jewelry are fool proof. The Mia Earrings, at only $38 CAD, are a perfect, classic gift, and they catch light like a brilliant cut diamond. The Moondrop Necklace (and matching earrings) is an effortless, minimal, casual piece that we can't get enough of. It's seriously a necklace you can wear everyday, and it's only $34 CAD! The Primrose Bracelet is a classy, sophisticated bit of sparkle that looks great with a cocktail dress or formalwear with ease. It hangs delicately along the wrist and is super eye catching—just like your BFF! The Primrose Bracelet is rhinestones nestled in a rose gold and is priced at $82 CAD.

For your bridesmaids

For your bridesmaids

The Pearl Earrings, Pearla Monogram Necklaces, and Antoinette Clutch Set.

We love these sets for your bridesmaids. It's always great to gift your girls individual presents, but there's a really good reason to snap up one of these collections: they're a matching token and reminder of the special event you all share: your wedding day! The Pearl Earrings are classic, dainty, and feminine—you can't go wrong. They are $28 CAD each. The Pearla Monogram Necklace (and similar Monogram Signette Necklaces, with birth stone customization) is adorable and personalized! A set of 6 is $336 CAD. And the Antoinette Clutch Set is super feminine, perfect for the wedding day, and fab for other occasions. A set of 3 is $225 CAD. 

For your beau

For your beau

The Ophelia Chemise, Eira Set, and Ophelia Panty

For your beau, but... Also for you. Trust us, this always goes over well! The Ophelia Chemise is $104 CAD and is made of one of our absolute favourite laces. It's fun, bohemian, and a little bit demure. The Eira Set is playful and super sexy, with delicate, feminine lace that moves with you. The whole set is $226 CAD, but you can buy the top or short separately for $144 CAD and $82 CAD respectively. The Ophelia Panty matches the Chemise but is ultra sexy—we love the sheer back panel! The Panty is $62 CAD and is going to be your new favourite piece.

For your Mom

For your mom

The Daisy Hairpin, Uma Necklace, and the Fontaine Ring.

We love these pieces for Moms. We can probably all agree that most Moms deserve the best—and these pieces are simple, refined, and sophisticated... but a little fun, too. We also definitely support buying the people you love a little ring; rings aren't just for married couples! They're a sweet reminder and a beautiful piece of jewelry that says I love you. The Daisy Hairpin is fun and low maintenance for a sunny summer day, and rings in at only $24 CAD. The Uma Necklace is refined and classic—perfect for wearing to work or a night out. The Uma Necklace is $38 CAD. The Fontaine Ring is a sweet, dainty little ring that is perfect for an everyday piece of jewelry—and it features a gorgeous cluster setting. The Fontaine Ring is $240 CAD.

For you!

For you

The Orchid Bracelet, Thaleia Robe, and Aesa Skirt.

You made it through another year! Whether it was hard, spectacular, or both, we're nearing the end of 2017 and now is the time to reflect. You are a fabulous human (we know this), and we are so happy you're here. If you're in the mood to treat yourself as we near the end of 2017, we suggest these three gorgeous pieces. The Orchid Bracelet, which is $80 CAD, is finished with a ribbon instead of a clasp and is the daintiest, sweetest little statement to add to any outfit. The Thaleia Robe, $175 CAD, is not unlike our suggestions in the 'for your beau' section, but this robe, just like those pieces, can also be for you! Wear things that make you feel sexy. This is a flirty little number, even if you're home alone. The Aesa Skirt is a phenomenal piece. It rings in at $1,596 CAD, and is an absolute show stopper—it's incredibly full and super flowy; it's maybe our most dramatic piece. Perfect for you, the one that lights up the room! 

So? What do you think? Are you done your Christmas shopping yet? If yes, about half of us are thoroughly jealous. We hope you are having a wonderful December so far and are so grateful you're here! Let us know if you have any thoughts in the comment.

xo, always, D&C


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The skirt is my favorite. Very gorgeous.

darla December 07, 2017

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