Our favourite lace gowns

Lace: not just for doilies. Having always symbolized softness, femininity, and at times modesty, lace has long been a choice of brides all over the world. In fact, there are few fabrics that come close to conjuring such an air of elegance. With summer right around the corner, we got into the wealth of inspo supplied by Pinterest to suss out the best and most beautiful that S/S 2018 has had to offer brides on the lookout right now! These are our absolute favourites.

Backless lace dresses

Photos from Happily Grey, DreamersandLovers on Etsy, and Pinterest.

Backless lace dresses are the intersection of femininity and sex appeal. Either as an accent or as a main event, lace and applique make these gowns unique from other backless dresses with added visual interest. We love the button detailing on the first two dresses. So pretty!

Lace sleeve dresses

Photos of our Sabine Dress, from Grace Loves Lace, and Pinterest.

We love lace for boho brides. These three dresses are some of our favourites because of their detailed and unique lace sleeves. They're so romantic—calling forth boheme traditions either in their draping or in their sweet cuffs. They are simple, elegant designs that add so much to the silhouette of the dress. 

 Sexy lace dresses

Photos from Pinterest and Berta Bridal.

There's nothing about lace that precludes it from being seriously sexy. Lace has varying degrees of transparence, and as such can be varying levels of sheer, showing varying levels of skin. Be it form fitting or a ball gown, lace gowns (especially if we're talking Berta, really) can be some of the sexiest dresses available. 

What do you think? Did you wear a lace gown on your wedding day? Check out more dress recommendations on our Pinterest board.

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