6 Gorgeous DIY Arches for the Floral Loving Bride

So, you're getting married! You've found the perfect airy little clearing, be it under a canopy of tall trees or in open air, a loved one's backyard or a secret patch of a provincial park, and you've got to design your backdrop—perhaps, the classic archway! 

This backdrop? It'll be what frames you in all of your first kiss photos, as you're tearfully reading your vows, laughing and crying together... It's got a lot to live up to! Here are a few decor ideas for constructing your backdrop arch.

Photos from Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay and Mint Photography.

Photos from Bek Grace, Lauren Scotti, and Carolyn Tran took the cover photo.

What do you think? Personally, we love an arch adorned in a combination of florals and silks or lace—the interplay between the textures is so extravagant (but the price won't be!). Did you crete your own arch for your wedding? How did it turn out?

xo D&C

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