7 Gorgeous Statement Veil Trends for 2020

For the past decade or so, veils have actually lost popularity. They've long been associated with traditions of modesty rooted in religious practice, and that spirit doesn't always resonate with modern brides. Especially for those keen on a minimal aesthetic, wearing a veil is not necessarily in kind. 

But in recent years, bridal designers have been embracing a more dynamic, statement approach to veils. From birdcage veils to cathedral length with sparkles, embroidery and appliqué, veils are becoming less and less about tradition and more and more about personality.

These are our favourite statement veil trends seeing lots of love for 2020 weddings.

Birdcage Veils Vancouver Accessories

Photos from Bridal Musings, BHLDN, and Pinterest.


Birdcage veils are one of our favourites. You'll recognize this trend has its roots in the 1930s, but it has made a major resurgence in recent years. Pair with a sleek, minimal floor length gown for maximum impact, and pair with gorgeous, soft waves or curls to amp up the romantics.

Bandeau veils made in Vancouver

Featuring our Elenna Bandeau Veil, work from HoneyPieBridal, and our Eloise Veil.


Bandeau veils are the modern sister of birdcage veils. Made with very fine mesh, bandeaus can be dressed up or worn plain. They add an undeniable dose of glamour and frame up a gorgeous updo with just the right amount of flourish. We love our Elenna Veil for its gorgeous pearls, which bring in a touch of playfulness.

Mica veils made in Vancouver

Featuring our Imogen Veil.

Shimmering mica veils

Our Imogen Veil has long been one of our best sellers. Made with delicate mica flakes applied by hand, glittery veils like Imogen update the classic veil silhouette. Bonus because this veil will catch light as you dance.

Textured veils made in Vancouver

Featuring our friends at BHLDN and our Alice Veil

Textured veils

Texture is an excellent way to spruce up a classic veil. Our Alice Veil is made of a luxurious tulle which allows sunlight to shimmer through its pleats. Adding other textures, like more voluminous curls and waves, brings an unexpected flair and flourish to your gown. We love textured veils to complement minimal gowns

Juliette Cap Veils made in Vancouver

Cap veils

Juliette Cap Veils are perfect for the fashion forward bride, and/or anyone getting married in Verona. We will encourage both. These super romantic veils complement a long hair style and an ethereal, feminine gown. Take our Odette Veil for example—finished with freshwater pearls, cap veils are straight out of a dream Italian countryside wedding. 

Featuring our Aella Draped Veil, Phoebe Draped Veil, and Saoirse Draped Veil.

Draped veils

Draped veils are a great midway point between tradition and trendy. Veils can be finished with freshwater pearls, or appliqués, to jazz up the silhouette. This style is great to emphasize a beautiful updo, and is a super romantic addition to an ethereal gown.

Applique veils made in Vancouver

Featuring our Anaya Veil and our Lucie Veil.

Statement appliqué

Appliqué is not just for grannies. Affixing beautiful floral embellishments or beads adds a volume and movement to your veil, as well as a fun and playful embellishment to your overall look. Veils with statement appliqué can be worn with minimal gowns or very robust dresses. 

But for brides who still don't want to embrace veils for their wedding day look, there are adorable alternatives.


Photos from Amazon, Maison Sabben, and BHLDN


Barrettes are a super trendy way to spruce up your look, and they make for such an adorable addition to any updo or any long look. Snap up a beautiful pair of acetate clips, or floral pins.

Headbands made in Vancouver

Featuring our Victoria Crown, and from Pinterest.

Chunky headbands

Chunky headbands are having a huge moment right now. Paired with a veil or worn alone, we adore this look for a modern gown.

Capes made in Vancouver

Featuring our Alivia Cape, Elenna Cape, and the Thaleia Cape.


You know we love capes. If veils aren't your thing, capes are a great and dramatic way to add a pretty detail. They come in varying lengths and varying opacity, so you can be sure to find the right look to complement your dress, not upstage it.

Are you going to wear a veil on your big day? Let us know below!

xo D&C

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