Moody Winter Wedding Inspiration

 It's winter & we're anything but cold to the season. The winter encourages the charm, whimsy, & moodiness that we've come to love & expect in wintry soirées. 

Likewise, a winter wedding perfectly blends with a moody colour palette, along with all the furs, feathers, velvets, sequins, golds, & anything else gorgeously textured.

If we have yet to sway you, take a minute to peruse our favourite winter wedding accessories10 reasons to consider a winter wedding, some Christmas wedding inspiration, & a few more reasons we think a New Year's Eve wedding would be THE ABSOLUTE BEST. 

  (Photos: Chanel, Swooned, Harper's BazaarWaiting on Martha, Merlin, Stone Fox Bride, Swooned, 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes)

(Davie & Chiyo, Davie & Chiyo, Davie & Chiyo)

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