Bridal Keepsakes Worth Keeping

By April Van Woerden
Posted on January 06 2016

 Brides are continually confronted with decisions. Which venue? Which caterer? Which colours? Which dress? Who to invite? Hair up or down?! Let's face it. A wedding brings along with it a never-ending queue of questions.

And the decisions don't end directly after you say 'I do.' The big, nagging thought on every brides' mind is: "Do I keep the dress?" 

While we have nothing against keeping the dress (in fact this gal still has hers tucked away!), we can't help the nagging suspicion that everyone is right. It may never leave the closet. Our collective daughters of the coming generation may not want it. We may be losing out on the industriousness of recycling the gown via a bride who would LOVE to wear a gorgeous, on-trend, discounted wedding dress. (And not to mention you can bring a little of that wedding money back home, to your pocket, where it belongs!)

 Whatever you decide to do with your most prized of dresses, keep in mind that there are other, more-economical, more-likely-to-be-reused ways to commemorate your wedding day nuptials. For instance, a clutch or a piece of jewelry will easily be re-worn & re-styled. Likewise, wedding night lingerie will certainly re-appear from time-to-time & for many years post-wedding. And if you'd prefer a little something to tuck away to remember the day by, then consider a garter toss set—one to toss & one to keep!

If we haven't convinced you, don't fret & do as you please! Whatever you decide, take a few minutes to peruse these pretty bridal accessories that we think would make perfect post-wedding keepsakes.


(Photos: BHLDN, Kristin Hayes Jewelry, BHLDNOlive + Piper, Davie & Chiyo, J.Crew, BRIDES, Davie & Chiyo, Davie & ChiyoOlive + Piper, BHLDN, Olive + Piper)

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