Once Upon A Time...

We love a bride with styleand this D&C bride is no exception! The unique cascading wedding dress paired with a birdcage veil & our Sakura Sash is a case of modern perfection. And the moodiness, romance, and light-heartedness captured in these photos are an editorial dream. We absolutely love seeing our D&C pieces made "one-of-a-kind" via the bride's personally curated vision.

Whatever your style, enjoy the inspiration of a real D&C wedding! For more D&C bridal inspiration, peruse our Once Upon A Time... blog series.

We've been spoiled at Davie & Chiyo with super stylish & uber chic brides. We love seeing how our pieces complimented your look. So if you're a D&C bride, feel welcome to email a handful of your favourite wedding day photos to hello@davieandchiyo.com!

(Photos courtesy of the bride.) 

  D&C Piece: Sakura Sash

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