A Little History...

I think it's time I explained myself a little bit, about what 'Davie & Chiyo' is, and how I got involved in it.

Making purses was honestly not my long time childhood dream, in fact if someone were to tell me that this is what I'll be involved in, I would've just rolled my eyes. it was something that I kind of fell into it out of no where, yet now, just about three months later, it has completely taken over my life...

This is how it all started. It was back in July when I was just fooling around on the computer as usual, trying to look for jobs while window shopping at online stores... when something caught my eye. I was browsing through my sister Himi's Etsy shop (a place to sell and buy everything handmade), when a recent item that she had put up caught my attention. It was a little clutch bag with a traditional clasp opening. Something about it struck my interest and I knew there was a business opportunity staring right at my face.

Now sample testing was a very long process. Himi and I played with the shapes and fabrics for the clutches forever, until we produced something that we felt was up to our standards. But weird thing about making your own products is that you are never 100% satisfied. Even if it looks perfect from the eyes of others, you always look at it and see how much more it could still be improved. That's the most frustrating thing of it all, but at some point, you have to say 'it is good enough', otherwise, you will be sample testing forever and will never get to a finished product. Another frustrating thing is that because my mind never stops coming up with new ideas and finding new things, I always keep wanting to add new lines and styles, meanwhile, the first batch of styles haven't even hit production! I am _way_ ahead of myself everyday, that I find myself constantly having to pull myself back to reality.

- Fumi

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