Davie & Chiyo | What Does It All Mean?

"Davie & Chiyo", what do you think it means? Where do you think it came from?

I don't think you will have the slightest clue unless, well, if you are a part of my family, then it should pretty much be self explanatory!

It comes from my father, David, and my mother, Michiyo.

Awwwwww. Isn't that so cute???

Ok, but there is more logical meaning to the name than it just being cute. My sister and I thought about it for a long time. Because it is a 'sisters' project, we felt that we wanted to associate the name to something that connected both of us. Straight away, we thought of our parents, but in more way than them being our parents; we though about their nationality as well. David is a western name, and Michiyo is a Japanese name. This project is two half girls, making products influenced by the two cultures (the basic shape and the clasp is a traditional Japanese style, while the fabrics used has western influences). So then how perfect is it to use an English name and a Japanese name as the brand name for the purses?

We really didn't want to call it "David & Michiyo" since it was too obvious and too much of a bold statement, so we just made it shorter and sweeter!

- Fumi

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Wow this company really has alot of FAMILY written all over it ❤❤ I love it

Amanda Joosten December 08, 2017

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