Feature: Akane Designs

Featured in another blog! Yay! This blog is run by a Japanese girl in Vancouver, Akane. She herself has a shop on Etsy, akane designs, selling jewellery and other accessories. Akane: "I am a teacher, researcher, artist, and never ending learner. I love all things Japanese and zakka is something I'm now obsessed with! My favourite part of the day is coming home to a wonderful boyfriend and my dog Mika!"

This blog entry is called "What's up Wednesday: Featured Seller Interview with Davie & Chiyo." It includes a little blurb about us and then it goes on to a little tutorial of the process of putting a frame on to the pouch. It walks through the whole process step by step using a number of images. If you are curious to how our clutches are made, click here to check it out!

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