Presenting... the Bow Clutch!

My sister and I are SO proud of our new creation, the BOW CLUTCH, that I just HAD to blog about it!

It was actually very much of a fluke how this clutch came to be. A couple of days ago, my sister Himi was browsing on Alchemy (buyers asking for custom made things), looking to see if there were any good listing up that we could bid on, and found this one girl who was looking for a clutch with a bow. Right a

way, Himi went ahead and whipped one up on the spot! I quickly I uploaded an image and bid on the listing. We have not heard back from the girl yet, but now we have a new addition to our shop! So far, very good reviews! Personally I'm very excited with this new look, and planning on adding many more colours! My friend said that it's very "Carrie" from "Sex and the City"!! SO TRUE.


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