Feature Recap: The Bright Side Project

A couple of weeks ago there was a post for "The Bright Side Project" which featured a contest, where upon answering a question, the participants had a chance to win a Davie&Chiyo Clutch. The question was: "If you won, what would you like your custom clutch to look like?"

We got a ton of answers, along with many new ideas for clutches.

This is the answer that we chose:

Leah D. says:
March 25, 2010 at 8:09 am

"I once heard that a woman need only space for a lipstick and a one hundred dollar bill in any bag. This sentiment comes from a time before keys, iphones, and credit cards- but I still love the sentiment.... I love the time it inspires.
My custom clutch would take me back to that time:
a two-tone out side with a horizontal seam just above half way. The top half would be a beautifully rich red damask, reminiscent of flocked Victorian wallpapers. The bottom half, a gathered cream duponi silk whose vertical ruffles carry under the clutch. why cream? Because it's never touching a surface- this thing's staying under my arm the whole night.
And when I open it up to get my lipstick? Black black silk, like the secrets it holds inside."

We loved the whole entry, from the description to the design itself, and decided to add it to our shop - Lipstick by Leah.

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