Photoshoot | Spring 2010


With business picking up and bridal season well underway, we figured that it was about time for a photoshoot! We have hundreds of pictures of our clutches on their own but very few with models, and we all know that seeing a clutch in someone's hand makes it all the more attractive! Especially since we've come out with new designs and colour combinations, we knew we were long overdue for a photoshoot.

The whole photoshoot really just came about on a whim - our good friend, Desy, an acclaimed photographer and videographer from RF Productions had offered to help us with a photoshoot. Working around his busy schedule, we only had a week or so to plan but miraculously, things just came together. We knew that we wanted something classic with that old Hollywood glamour, so we got in-touch with Kathryn from Pure Something who we had met earlier this year at the Project Wedding show. She was more than happy to have her dresses featured in the photos and let us take our pick of her beautiful and intricate designs.

So now that we had the dresses, we needed a venue. Since we were going for old Hollywood, we knew it was going to be difficult to find an appropriate setting. When I think vintage furnishings, I tend to think grandma's living room and antique stores - so how were we going to re-create this? Luckily, there is one place in Downtown Vancouver where the living room takes you right back in time. The West End Guesthouse treats its guests to beautifully preserved antique furniture in this turn-of-the century bed and breakfast. This would be the PERFECT place for our photoshoot!

Now just add in a hair and make-up artist and a handful of models, and you have yourself a photoshoot!

The day went off without a hitch - you couldn't have asked for more as everyone was professional, easy going and ready to work. Even better were the results! I expected only a handful of good shots (typical of a photoshoot) but it seems like almost everyone of them was editorial material - see for yourself:


Thanks again to everyone who worked on this photoshoot - couldn't have done it without you!

Photography: Desy Cheng of RF Productions

Dresses: Pure Something

Hair/MUA: Shaina Azad

Models: Lien Dilewijins, Stephanie Craigon, & Leala Selina

Location: The West End Guest House, Downtown Vancouver

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