Review: Rosa Iceberg, Rosettes, & Three Frills

It's always good to hear about another satisfied customer!

athena85 was kind enough to share her excitement over her new Davie & Chiyo bridal bags on Project Wedding. Having just gotten engaged over Easter, she joined Project Wedding as a planning resource from which to draw ideas and inspirations, and has began to chronicle her own wedding plans - from dress to flowers to clutches.

In late July, she excitedly detailed her order that she placed on Etsy, going on to describe each clutch, the colours and the reasoning behind each choice. Very recently, she received her order in the mail, and couldn't be more pleased! She goes on to say that she "was beyond excited when [she] saw them and squealed with joy," and even went on to post pictures of her custom Rosa Iceberg, Three Frills and Rosettes clutches.

Thanks athena85!

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