Veils, Hair Accessories, & Shoe Clips, Oh My!

We've made it easy to accessorize your bridal look from head to toe with our new line of veils, hair accessories and shoe clips. Each can be customized to match your colour palette - as with our custom clutch listings, we offer with a wide range of silk swatches to choose from.

Veils - We've used timeless silhouettes as inspiration for our veils. Each can be customized to varying lengths to accommodate every bride for every type of wedding. The Simple and Elegant Veil is a classic single-layer veil that is perfect for the bride who is planning on wearing another hair accessory in combination with the veil, or is planning on showcasing an intricate up-do. The Rosa Iceberg and Three Rosettes veils also feature similar classic veils but are accompanied by either a lush Rosa Iceberg flower or a set of three silk rosettes. The Rosa Iceberg flower is not attached to the veil, so the look can easily take a bride from the ceremony to the reception with the detachment of the veil. The Double Layer Veil keeps with tradition with the addition of a second shorter layer that can be worn in front of the face for that walk down the aisle up until the big kiss! And finally, my personal favourite, the Rosa Iceberg Birdcage Veil. This veil is a throwback to that classic 40's birdcage, which partially covers the face for a little mystery and drama.

Hair Accessories - We love flowers worn in the hair. There is something so classic and feminine about a flower tucked effortlessly into chic chignon or neatly behind one's ear. We've turned this idea into a line of hair pins of varying sizes, from the show-stopping and dramatic Rosa Iceberg, to the mini Rosette that will beautifully compliment any up-do. Hair accessories are not only for the bride but a simple way to bring your wedding theme and colours to each member of the bridal party. Even if members of your bridal party are wearing different dresses, you can bring a sense of continuity with the addition of a Rosette hair pin to each bridesmaid's hair.


Shoe Clips - We really meant it when we said that Davie & Chiyo could accessorize your bridal party from head to toe. We  just added a set of custom shoe clips to our line of accessories which are a great way to add a burst of colour to your wedding gown. The tiny rosettes come in a variety of colours and are adorned with tiny feathers and pearls for a little glamor.


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