Feature: Cerezas de Tul

If a wedding was a sundae, the details are just the cherry on top.

Well, I can't say that all of you share the same sentiment but Pilar from Cerezas de Tul couldn't agree more. The Spanish blog is about every finite detail of the big day - the dress of your dreams, the whimsical invitations, the bouquet that is assembled just so, the candles for that romantic ambiance, the flawless updo , the heavenly veil for that perfect moment, and I could go on...

Pilar loved our clutches so we recently did an interview on everything Davie & Chiyo. We answered the big questions about how it all started, inspirations, trends and what we’ve done to make Davie & Chiyo a little more everyday. Gracias, Pilar!

Click here to read our interview on Cerezas de Tul, and thanks to Google Translate you won't have to brush up on your Spanish first.

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