Feature: Today's Bride

I know the holidays are over and everyone is glum and feeling sorry for themselves with the post-holiday blues but it's time to snap out of it!

Spring is on the way and we have our first Spring 2011 preview - something blue! (Think crisp spring blue, and not that gloomy blue cloud that you've been living under for the past week.) This spread does a fresh take on the traditional "something blue" (no more Grandma's blue hanky) and opts for more glittery, lush and scandalously sexy options. (Think "something blue" that only your husband-to-be will get to see... *wink*)

Our luxurious Dreams Clutch is set to be featured in the pages of Today's Bride, Canada's top selling bridal magazine, in a dreamy shade of baby blue. The chiffon clutch, reminiscent of clouds on a blue bird day, is so light and airy it could almost float away. Uuuhhhh, I can almost smell the spring breeze now...

(Our Dreams Clutch is currently discontinued. To shop similar items, click here!)

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