Himi: the Hands Behind the Clutch

Hi, I’m Himi, and like the title says, I’m the hands behind the clutch (and the sewing machine). These things don’t sew themselves, so as the Head Seamstress at Davie & Chiyo, you can rest assured that every clutch is the result of my blood, sweat and tears.

As you previously read, I originally had the idea of sewing clutches but it was Fumi that had approached me with the business idea (more like bugged me until I screamed ‘uncle’). I’ve always been good with my hands, whether it was crocheting, sewing or handcrafting jewelery but this wasn’t my first foray into the world of Etsy. Rewind to three years ago, I had just given birth to the second of my two boys and with my hands full with a newborn and a toddler, there was no way I would be entering the workforce anytime soon. While my husband was at work and the kids were napping, I needed something to do. I like to keep busy, whether it’s with housework or errands but I needed something more...  At that age, naps are long and sitters don’t come cheap, so I had to be at home, and Etsy just seemed to make sense – minimal start up costs, I could work with my existing skills and I could work from home on my own schedule (late at night and during nap time). I started off slow, crocheting baby hats and sewing granny bags but it wasn’t until that fateful day when I posted that purple brocade clutch that things began to change. Two years later, we’re so busy that I’m asking my mom to take care of the kids (we call it ‘Grandma’s Preschool’) just so I can sew full-time!

Aside from my Davie & Chiyo life, my life is like any other... Mom’s, that is. I’m cooking, doing laundry, vacuuming, taking the kids to preschool and back, grocery shopping, going to swimming lessons and soccer, attending kiddie birthdays (what feels like every weekend), banking, ironing, jewelery-making, Lego building, running to the post office, filling out form after form (of I don't know what??), and just generally being a mommy... Enough of a list for you?

Now that I’ve scared all of you into NEVER having kids, I guess I can talk about something else. I recently started my own jewelery shop on Etsy. You’re probably thinking – does she really need MORE to do?!? Well, yes. Between bridal seasons, I do have a very little bit of downtime when I’m not sewing and not running around after screaming kids, and like I said before, I need to keep busy. So I started buying materials online and making jewelery once everyone was in bed. Although I’m not so fashionably inclined (I would call myself a ‘practical’ dresser), I feel like I do have an eye for very classic jewelery. I love working with pearls and gems, and little by little my shop is growing.

It is waaaaay past my bedtime and I have to be up bright and early to start all of those mommy duties again! So you better get to bed soon or the Boogie Man will come and get you!

(Sorry, it’s the mom in me...)

PS. Stop by my Etsy Shop, Blue Sunflowers!

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