Something for the Boys...

I guess it's a little unfair that all this time we've been favouring the girls - clutches, hairpins, veils... but what about the boys?!?!

As much as I'd like to see a groom and his groomsmen walking down the aisle with matching clutches, I'm not so sure that too many guys would have Terrence Howard's confidence.

So to avoid the wrath of grooms and groomsmen the world over, we've come up with something to satisfy the more masculine taste...


Each tie is made with Dupioni silk and is lovingly hand-stitched to perfection. Like our clutches, a luxurious tie would make a wonderful gift for your groomsmen. And by that I mean ties for your groomsmen, like clutches for your bridesmaids... although if you think your groomsmen could rock a clutch like Terrence Howard, by all means!

We've also made things easy by taking care of the colour-matching. It's always such a headache matching swatches and finding out that the perfect accessory just isn't the perfect shade but since both our ties and clutches are customizable, you can be sure that they'll be perfectly matched.

(Davie & Chiyo's tie line is currently discontinued. For custom message labels for your groom's tie, email!)

(Photo by White Willow Photography)


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