A Little Leather For Spring

It's officially the first day of spring and Vancouver was not holding back. Blue skies, sun and even a parade in celebration. Okay, so the parade may have been more for the Celtic Festival rather than ringing in the first glorious spring day but I like to imagine the city coming to a standstill for great weather. (Honestly, Vancouver is just that amazing when it's sunny that I wouldn't rule it out completely.)

Another mark of the first day of spring - my first day wearing a light spring jacket. Goodbye heavy wool coats and stifling winter wear, I'm ready for spring! To accessorize my light and breezy outfit I brought out my Shabby Chic Leather Cross-body Clutch. (Rest assured, I was still layering. Let's not kid ourselves, I live in Vancouver, not LA.) My clutch spent the majority of the winter months in hibernation but now that layers are getting lighter and fewer, my taupe leather carry-all is feeling right at home. Welcome back, I've missed you!

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