Veronica Sheaffer: Classic American Bride

As per usual, starting my day with the morning "news"...

And by that I mean checking in with my favourite celebrity gossip blogs, fashion and beauty sites for the latest buzz and trends. So I'm browsing, clicking and scrolling when something catches my eye. It's not often that I stumble upon anything bridal on these sites (unless it's worshiping and dissecting Kate Middleton's dress of the year) but here I am admiring some truly beautiful wedding gowns that are the epitome of the classic American bride.

Similar to what we do, Veronica Sheaffer specializes in custom, made-to-order dresses.  Her classic silhouettes are a throw-back to the glamour and simplicity of the 40s, 50s and 60s, carried out with decadent taffeta, silk and lace.

To die for.


Lierre Dress & English Garden Clutch


Gardenia Dress & Chiffon Ruffles Clutch


Camelia Dress & Ribbon Belt Clutch


Tuliipe Dress & Rosettes Clutch

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