Davie & Chiyo on Pinterest

By Lauren Ford
Posted on March 26 2012


If you liked it then you should've put a PIN on it...

In the beginning we couldn't understand all the hype around pinning... "So what!?! You just start collecting things you like? What's the big deal?!? That's definitely NOT going to catch on..."

Fast forward a couple of months and we've (shamefully) jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon! Such a simple idea (honestly, who doesn't love collecting things) and the amazing things is that it's the perfect tool for those of us in the early stages of wedding planning (and especially those who are too lazy to start clipping magazines for an "inspiration file"... *guilty*). If you have yet to catch the Pinterest bug, it's as simple as seeing something you like online and pinning it to one of your category boards. You can be as broad or as detailed with your pinboards as you like, from "wedding decor" to "wedding favors", the world is your oyster!

We've been carefully curating inspiration boards of all things dreamy and bridal, so let us inspire you and follow us on Pinterest!




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