What Else Can You Fit In Your D&C Clutch?

Here at Davie & Chiyo, we have been creating our bags using our 8.5" frame (and 6" for kids!) for the past few years. Judging by a peek into some of your bags, no one has any problems keeping them full. We were looking for our keys in our own jam-packed clutch and realized, "Hey, sometimes bigger is better!" So now we're happy to offer you the Size L if you tend to be packrats like we are. We carry our life in our purse, so we are thrilled that the new clutch is roomy enough to fit all of those little (or not so little) extras.

Birds of a Feather

In our Birds of a Feather clutch, the "animal-print" adds a pop to any outfit. With plenty of room for more than just your staples, you can load and reload to take it from a summer wedding to a night on the town.

Going to a sunny wedding? Make sure to stay skin-safe and pack in your sunscreen and your sunnies. Be prepared to battle the heat with a paper fan or a mini-mister. A dainty handkerchief is all you need to blot up those tears.

Getting ready to hit the clubs? You never know what could happen, so bring a travel first aid kit complete with Advil, Bandaids and emergency tape. Show your tootsies some love and pack a pair of roll-up ballet flats.

What do you plan on fitting in your extra long bag?

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