Orange You Glad Winter's Over?

By Lauren Ford
Posted on June 05 2012

I finally had a chance to head down to Sephora this weekend. Pantone has been lauding Tangerine Tango as the Colour of 2012, and for once I have to agree. Normally I'm a classic red type of gal, but there's something about a burst of citrus that just screams that winter is over. I definitely am not brave enough to embrace the trend via full-orange body suit, but there are definitely a few things I've been doing to make it my own.


Lips. I have been hunting high and low for that perfect saturated orange for the past 6 months. Amber Heard has been an inspiration, effortlessly pulling off shades that range from rust to coral to scarlet. Sephora's It Girl is a bright orangey tomato cream making it an easy step if, like me, you can't let go of your red. For a true orange you may want to try Mac's Morange or Sail La Vie (if you can get your hands on it).

Nails. Refinery 29 put neon nails as one of their top ten summer trends. I have been loyal to Color Club for years for this exact purpose. Their neon collection utilizes pigments that glow in UV light, taking your nails from normal to neon by simply walking out the door. Psychedelic Scene is a vivacious kumquat that will brighten up your whole look. Lava Lamp turns your fingers into glowing pilons that will surely stop traffic.


Accessories. You can easily take one of our Tangerine purses for a spin to embrace this trend. The elegant lines of the Pretty Pleats in fiery orange add a welcome burst of colour to the plainest work wear or LBD. I prefer simplicity, but a bolder shopper may try the Classic Bow. Just remember, all of our Dupioni silk clutches are completely customizable! See a style you like that would be even better in Tangerine? Just write a Note to Seller telling us so on checkout. Why not choose the Twist Bow and select one of our other 35 shades for an extra pop?


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