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I Do... Want An Easier Registry

By Lauren Ford
Posted on June 23 2012

Etsy expanded on their new Weddings Section by adding a Registry. Department store registries can be limited in their wares and one store may not fit all of your tastes. What are you and your sweetie to do? You could register at multiple stores, but trust me, it's a hassle. On the other hand, Etsy's Registry is anything but!
So how easy is it really?
Log in with an Etsy account.
If you're familiar with us, chances are you're already registered.
Enter your wedding date.
Hopefully you've already made the choice.
Enter the name of you and your fiance
Same answer as above.
Start shopping!
It's just like adding to favorites, but click the Add to Registry button instead!
If both of you know exactly what you want, that's perfect! However, some couples need a little guidance. Etsy suggests six categories to look at: Dining & Entertaining, Kitchen, Housewares & Decor, Furniture, Electronics and Lifestyle. Each gallery is stocked with interesting and popular items that are perfect for newlyweds. Browse to your heart's content to figure out what you and your sweetie want in your new life.
Additionally, there's an Other category for everything else! You can ask for items that are practical for you that may be atypical for a traditional registry. Let's face it, the friends and family attending your wedding won't be too surprised by the requests!
When you're all done, sharing with your guests is as simple as filling in your full names and choosing the shipping address. Etsy gives you the option of copying the URL, embedding a link, printing off an announcement card or sharing over social media. Additionally, if you missed some guests, they can simply search by your names and wedding date to find your registry!
See? Easy peasy. And you didn't even have to put shoes on.


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