9 Alternatives to Wearing Sky-High Heels on Your Wedding Day

By Megan Jenkins
Posted on March 03 2017

It seems like with your wedding shoes, you can go one of two ways: 4.5 inch stilettos which are absolutely gorgeous, but look absolutely brutal to wear for eight hours, or, you can go full on kitsch with flat shoes like cowboy boots or converse. 

There must be another option, right? Here are a collection of flat or low shoes that will spare your ankles but don't sacrifice an ounce of style. 

Photos from The Youngrens and Nancy Aidee Photography. Shoes from Christian Louboutin and ASOS

How delicate and sweet are these flats? The tiny gems on the Louboutins and the lacy straps on the ASOS flats are all about luxury and sophistication. 

Photo by Priscilla Thomas Photography and Jae Photography. Shoes from Keds x Kate Spade, Converse, and TOMS.

Sneakers and converse hold a huge spot in our hearts and we adore how these have been dressed up just a touch: sequins, a blushy pink, or some ivory lace make any sneaker wedding day ready.

Photos by Sposto Photography. Shoes from Free People, Steve Madden, and Free People (again). 

These heels will preserve your feet and ankles on your wedding day. The blockier the heel, the easier it'll be to negotiate your way down an uneven aisle or all over the dance floor for several hours, drink in hand. We are loving pastel shoes as an unexpected but refined statement in combination with your wedding dress, too!

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