A gift guide for your best girls

The holidays are here, and no matter if you do or do not celebrate, December is widely regarded as the season of giving. It's the perfect time of year to show our people how much we care—not simply through the purchase of material goods, no. Through showing that we know them, that we listen to them, and that we like to make them smile. Sometimes we do this by taking our girls out for coffee or drinks, sometimes we grab pedicures, sometimes we buy them adorable bits and bobs that you know will make them shine. 

We love this time of year—it's an excuse to spend hours poring over beautiful things and places on Pinterest, which is fundamentally one of our biggest weaknesses. These are the goods we've found this year that we think would be perfect for the women in your life.

Evorden Diamond Necklace

Evorden's Diamond Pendant.

For your Mom, who has always been there for you

Moms. Can't live without 'em, definitely wouldn't want to live without 'em. For the mother that's brought you through your darkest times, and lifted you up with some seriously sound advice (even if you weren't ready to accept it), a simple but luxurious diamond necklace. We recommend Evorden's Diamond Pendant.

It's not the price tag that counts. You don't need to "go big." But when your mother opens her Christmas gift and finds inside a classic, well made diamond piece, she will feel spoiled. Diamonds, for all of their hype, are a real milestone, and are a great way to show your mother that she deserves the finest things.

Evorden Studs

Evorden's Tapered Baguette Studs.

For your best friend who has had your back since childhood

Your best friend from childhood, or high school, or university—you know what we mean. The time span can vary, but this person has been with you since the beginning of a very important era, and you grew up together in one way or another. On your big day, she will be your MOH. 

Our favourite gift for your favourite person is a gorgeous set of Evorden's tapered baguette studs in sapphire. These are a modern classic for the sort of woman who is always on the go, is full of ambition, and has the warmest heart you know. We love the sapphire option of these studs because they're less formal than the diamond version. 

For your girl that loves to cook

Any chef knows the value of a great olive oil. But, when grocery shopping, it can be tough to convince yourself to spring for anything other than the $3.79 bottle of uncertain origins. 

We recommend Frankie's to keep your best pal, the chef (or just your foodie friend), in a luxurious way. This olive oil has a great, fruity flavour which makes it perfect for drizzling or serving with bread and balsamic. Buy her the things she might not often buy herself—starting with amazing olive oil. (Then grab some flaky maldon salt!)

Starburst Studs

Evorden's Starburst Studs.

For the best friend that has everything

Just because someone has everything doesn't mean they have the best quality everything—capitalize on the finer things. In fact, for someone that "has everything," a real emphasis on quality over quantity might really hit home. Try a gorgeous cashmere sweater from Madewell, or a beautiful an 14k gold set of starburst studs. We love these studs for their sparkly diamond centre and striking shape—she'll never want to take these off.

For your grandma, who has your best interests at heart

Grandma has always had your health and happiness on her mind. This year, get her a gorgeous diffuser from Vitruvi, to purify and infuse the spaces of her home with her favourite scents. Pair with a selection of calming lavender, energizing sweet orange, and earthy, Christmassy cedar to get her started.

For your big sister, who you've always looked up to

If there's anything that makes a woman feel like she has officially made it into adulthood, it's a gorgeous set of wine glasses. Not the sort that can be tossed into the dishwasher—no, these should be nice, crystal glasses. Think Olivia Pope's globe shaped wine glasses that had all of North America drooling for Scandal's duration.

Evorden's Signet Ring.

For your little sister, who you love more than anything

Get your little sister a memento to conjure up all of your (mis)adventures together. A delicate locket or a signet ring with a subtle engraving should do the trick: get your initials together, or just your last initial, or go for a classic little heart. We like a fine-lined engraving to keep the sentimental aspect low key—this way, the piece will be versatile enough for everyday wear. 

What's the best gift you've ever received?

xo D&C

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