A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Signature Cocktail

By Megan Jenkins
Posted on July 28 2017

A great alternative to having an open bar at your nuptials is offering a select few bevvies for your guests: one kind of beer, red and white wine, and maybe a signature cocktail or two. Signature cocktails are a wonderful way to add another personal detail to your day—and can also be a fun reason to drink bellinies all afternoon when you'd never be caught dead with one elsewhere. 

Of course, half the fun of signature cocktails is that you can make them up. In fact, that's what makes them so special—adding a fun twist to a classic or coming up with something from scratch. Here are five tips on choosing your perfect signature cocktail.

Fig cocktails, anyone?

Photo from Sheer Luxe—a fabulous collection of gorgeous cocktails!

Go with a Story

The first time you went over to your beau's house for dinner, you both decided you wanted cocktails—but all your beau had in the cupboard was a half bottle of gin and some bitters. You strode to the store, picked up a lemon, added a dash of simple syrup and made incorrectly proportioned Fitzgeralds. As long as it's tasty, your signature cocktail can be a romantic glimpse into your relationship.

Be Seasonal

Keep your wedding season in mind. Don't serve Bailey's hot chocolates or hot toddies in the middle of August, you know? Stick with cocktails that will complement the environment, seasonal ingredients, and circumstances of your wedding. Summer wedding? Enter the aforementioned bellinies. 

The More the Merrier

Make it into a couples game—have two signature cocktails, one for you and one for your beau. He loves old fashioneds, she loves peach bourbon sours—(limited) variety is the spice of life. This way, if you've got a sweet tooth, your counterpart's drink can balance yours with more spritz. We've also seen a glorious presentation of two signature cocktails, one for each partner, where the two cocktails could be blended in the holy matrimony of liquored beverages.

Cardamom Gin Fizz

Photos from Sylvie and Joan, Style Me Pretty, and The Modern Proper.

Dress Up a Classic

You can't go wrong with those tried and true cocktails like martinis, whiskey sours, vodka sodas, or G&Ts. However, those drinks don't feel very personal, necessarily, and that's what you want your signature cocktails to reflect: you! Chat with a bartender or a local mixologist to get their take on how you can spruce up a classic with a fun new flavour or presentation. Lavender Fitzgeralds? Yes please.

Incorporate Your Wedding Colours!

It's a super fun touch to add a stick of purple rock candy or rim a cocktail glass in gold sprinkles before serving. Even better: go straight for the Blue Curacao and match the drink itself to your colour scheme! While not necessary at all, adding a fun burst of colour will make a delicious drink even more memorable. 

What were your signature cocktails? We want ideas! Let us know in the comments and check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!


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