A Pacific Northwest Dream Wedding

For those of us that grew up in the gorgeous Pacific northwest region of the Americas, the ocean is like a salve. The rich evergreen forests that line the valleys and mountains are a literal representation of the clean air we breathe. To be outside, and in nature, is to be home. So it's no wonder that a ton of brides, from places like BC or Washington, opt to have their nuptials outdoors. (That's to say nothing of couples who come from abroad, too!)

So for obvious reasons, this year we sought to emulate our adoration for the PNW with a gorgeous styled shoot for our new dresses. This summer, we headed up to the incredibly beautiful Lighthouse Park in Vancouver, BC and dressed the bridal look we've always dreamed of!



Can you blame us? These sun soaked summer days are best taken in by the sea. With garments that call up the abundant and unruly wilderness of our natural surroundings, and windswept hair, it's hard to think of a more perfect wedding than one in the Pacific northwest! 

Inga Avedyan took these beautiful photos of Tatiana with Key Models. The Artistry Collective did Tatiana's hair and makeup.

And take a look at our gownstops, and skirts to plan your own PNW wedding!

xo D&C 

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