A Wedding Away—Off the Grid Destination Weddings!

By Megan Jenkins
Posted on August 08 2017

Maybe it's just a PNW thing, but we love outdoor camp weddings. Yes, you heard that right—overnight weddings. We've seen couples rent everything from car camping plots to entire summer camps for weekend getaways with their nearest and dearest to celebrate their big day. It's entirely unorthodox, but that's what we love about it. Here's some inspiration and tips to get you going for your own off the grid destination wedding. 

Camp wedding inspo!

Photos from Pinterest.

Campfires! Bonfires! Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Enjoy all of the dreamy parts of camping with 30 of your closest friends. Have games, skits, talent shows—tell ghost stories, lay in the grass, have your ceremony underneath the biggest, oldest tree you can find. 

The gritty parts

Don't forget: camp weddings are still camping. There's still dirt and bugs. Don't forget about that stuff while planning your wedding! This article on camp weddings is super helpful, from a bride that was married outdoors. 

Pack light!

Use the materials around you! The point, in our minds, about an off the grid wedding is keeping things low key—for example, don't cart 150 rental chairs out to a field. If your ceremony is short, opt to have people stand in a circle around you, or use the facilities of the camp ground or summer camp—many will have small ampitheatres, or their own chairs that you may be able to steal.

Camp set ups!

Photos from Pinterest, Emily Delamater Photography, Tyler Branch Photo.

Our cautious Mom warnings

Remember your sun screen, water, and all of the amenities you'll need for however long you're staying. Serve up lemonade (or boozy lemonade) in coolers, and have grills on with a neverending supply of grilled veggies, hot dogs, hamburgers, and whatever else you crave!

Bring a change of clothes. At some point, you're not going to want to be in your wedding dress anymore. In the interest of saving the bottom of the dress from being drenched in grass and dew, bring a shorter number for your reception, and of course, a change for the next day. Bring shoes that won't have you sinking into the ground as you walk, and be sure you have a coat to keep you warm as the sun goes down. 

Hopefully that was a decent balance of gorgeous images and happy people with the truths of camp weddings! If you can secure a legitimate summer camp, or a few cabins next to a lake, you wouldn't have nearly as many issues with the nitty gritty bits (read port-a-potties, ew). We're sure that a weekend away to celebrate your love is one of the best ways you can go. 

What do you think? Would you have a camp wedding? It takes a lot of planning, but is so much fun. See our Pinterest board for more inspo!

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