True Love: Alicea and Grant

D&C bride Alicea wears the Cleo Sash.

You may have seen a few snaps of Alicea Meredith and her husband on our social channels—Alicea's wedding was the perfect intersection of whimsy and tradition. We were so thrilled to interview Alicea about her wedding planning process, her aesthetic approach to planning, and, of course... we wanted to see more pictures! 

Alicea's beautiful dress & florals

D&C: How did you meet your husband? Can you tell me a bit about your love story? 

Alicea Meredith: I am from New Jersey and Grant is from Arkansas. I came to Oregon for graduate school and Grant came for a short stay to study for a medical school examination. We met within a week, he got an apartment right next to mine, and we spent both of our first summers in Oregon together, falling in love with this magical state while falling in love with each other. Grant had to go back to Arkansas to finish his 2 years of medical school that fall, but flew to Oregon every other week for those 2 years to visit and for more adventures.

D&C: How did you approach planning and styling your wedding? What were your intentions for how the big day would look and play out?

AM: I haven’t been to many weddings. Maybe two? At first I was nervous to plan a wedding by myself not having seen what goes on, in detail, at a wedding. I did have the impression that planning a wedding can get very stressful with too many expectations and with the need to please others and make family and friends feel special and important on your wedding day. I knew I wanted it to be relaxed and for it unfold organically. I wanted it to be outside in Oregon, perhaps in a backyard or at a State Park? Somewhere beautiful and representative of our beautiful home. I knew I didn’t want a bridal party and I knew I wanted the ceremony to be short and sweet and to include only Grant and I.

Grant paddled in on a canoe across the lake, crashed into the dock (he says it was windy) and I walked down from a hill on the other side of the ceremony and we met each other and didn’t make any promises, but instead told each other why the other would always be enough. It was perfect.

D&C: What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

AM: I have a few. The night before the wedding, we hosted a pie making party with the wedding guests to bake the desserts for the next day. All the guests were encouraged to make a pie to share on our wedding day. It was so much fun and the spread of pies the next day was incredible. Also, we had all our guests bring two bottles of wine in lieu of a gift. My talented mother, who owns and operates, Pink Dahlia Vintage, did all the wedding flowers and my incredible bouquet, which was so special to me. After getting off the plane from New Jersey, she ordered flowers from a local farm and crafted beautiful arrangements in our home the day before. A favourite also includes the weather. Pacific Northwest’s rainy season starts in about October and our wedding was October 15th. It started to rain October 16th and didn’t let up thereafter.

D&C: What is one tip or trick that you'd pass on to brides currently planning their own weddings that you didn't know or didn't anticipate when you started planning your own?

AM: My advice would be to only follow traditions that are meaningful to the bride and groom and to consider little details that can get overlooked. For example, we had an outdoor wedding and used glass dishes for dinner. Our parents ended up packing up 60 dirty dishes to take home and wash! Our wedding was relatively small, but booking a venue that provided tables, chairs, and tents made all the difference for a day of setup. The day went so smooth with the amazing amount of help from our family and friends.

D&C: What drew you to the Cleo Sash? What other considerations did you have when choosing your dress, your updo, your makeup, etc.?

AM: I wanted a garden style wedding dress and I found the perfect one by a seller on Etsy. I nervously ordered after reading every one of the seller's reviews and it ended up fitting me perfectly with no need for alteration. It had a lot of lace details and I wore red wooden clog shoes, so I thought a little sparkle would be just the right touch.

The Cleo Sash was the perfect amount of shimmer and rose gold without being too blingy or glitzy. I also loved how thin it was! It ended up looking perfect.

I was very open for hair and makeup. I let the hair stylist do her version of a messy, loose, low maintenance up-do. Same for makeup. I loved wearing my mom’s opal earrings and bracelet that matched my vintage opal engagement ring from the 1860s!

Alicea and Grant, dancing the night away!

Have you seen a sweeter wedding? We're not sure that we have! Thanks Alicea, for sharing your special day with us! You can follow Alicea and her adventures on her Instagram. Photos are by the talented D&C fave Nakalan McKay.

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