All About The Groom!

Gone are the days that men are not invested in their own weddings (if that ever was actually a thing, not just pop culture mythology). This big day is about both of you, not just one half of this crazy thing you're about to wander into called marriage. This blog post is dedicated to some of the most dapper grooms we've come across in our extensive Pinterest travels, so that you, groom, or you, bride, might find some inspiration.

And for those of you that are marrying men in your upcoming nuptials, remember—just because your accent colour is purple doesn't mean his pocket square or socks must be purple. There's a human man in that suit. Get creative!

First, check out this hair (both top of head and beard-wise):All about the hair. Photos from Tyler Rye Photography and Monique Serra.

Next up: #squadgoals.

Squad goals!

Photos from Purple Tree Photography and  Berkley Vopnfjord. 

And a few ideas if you're toying with skipping the black tux on the big day. Especially as we approach summer, it's a great idea to consider light grey, beige, or coloured suits! So dapper.

A new take on a classic look.

Photo from Pat Furey, and Sarah Street Photography.

What do you think? Did you or your beau totally knock it out of the #groomstyle park? We would love to see! Check our Pinterest board for more inspo!

xo D&C

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