Alternative first dance songs

The music at your wedding is a crucial thing to nail. Too many upbeat songs will tire everyone out, too many downers will keep the dance floor deserted. And, ah, lest we forget the first dance song: that which conjures the tone of your brand new marriage, in front of all of your friends.

So maybe you've heard the classic first dance songs, but have found they're not for you, or that they feel too dated. Your first dance song should be all about you—and if you don't identify with any of those songs, maybe they aren't right for you.

Maybe, it's more likely you'll adore a song that you and your partner loved from the day it first came out. 

Alternative First Dance Songs

This means, instead of Ella Fitzgerald, maybe Leon Bridges speaks to you. 
We are all in favour of more modern, alternative first dance songs. They're soon to be classics, in our books! 

So to celebrate some of the best new(er) tunes to which you should dance with your brand new spouse, we put together this little Spotify playlist. Listen in Spotify, or check out the player below for some ideas.

What sorts of songs are you thinking about for your first dance? Be sure to check back or follow our Spotify for more ideas, and more playlists to come!

xo D&C

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