Macarons, cookies, and cheesecake, oh my!

We love a good wedding cake. But we also love creative, new alternatives to a well loved classic. Cupcakes? Donuts? Cookies? Cheese? Count. Us. In. 

Here are some of our favourite wedding cake alternatives! 

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You can't really go wrong with cupcakes. This is a great choice if you're wanting to skip the full wedding cake but are still in to the tradition and aesthetic of the cake. You can have your cupcakes arranged to mimic a wedding cake, for example, with defined tiers and in your wedding colours. Or you can break things up a little bit by serving on multiple plinths of varying heights with a variety of colours and flavours. We also love this option because you can still have a tiny cake atop your cupcake display, so you can actually cut your cake and do the whole shove-icing-into-each-others-faces thing. This is also a fabulous option because cupcakes are easy to hold, not very messy to eat, and your guests will be able to grab one with ease before heading back to their tables.

Donuts three ways

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We love donuts as a sub for wedding cakes because they're so versatile—however, you, as the couple, have to be okay with a little stickiness, a little chaos. Shapes aren't consistent, donuts are usually squishy, and therefore, can get a little mushed under the weight of other tasty treats. That said, they're delicious, affordable, and easy to eat or carry around for your guests.  

We are lucky enough to be based just down the street from Cartems Donuts (good for proximity, bad for our wallets and bellies, ya know?) and we'd recommend them a dozen times over for wedding donuts!

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Cookies, macarons, and little pies and tarts—there really is an option for every couple. Cookies are a great, easy, cost effective option for a more casual day. Macarons are always a huge hit but can be a bit costly—it's a great idea to serve macarons along with another cost effective treat to keep things feeling fancy without too much of a burden on your wallet. Serving little tarts and pies is an unexpected and delicious way to celebrate a cozy fall wedding—and if you have an expert baker in the family, this could also be an excellent baking day/pre-wedding party. 

Cheese it!

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Have you seen these cheese cakes everywhere? The literal wheels of cheese stacked? Decorated with springs of fresh rosemary or thyme, with juicy figs and berries? We cannot get enough of this. Serve with crusty, toasted bread and some nice red wine and you will have some very happy, sleepy guests. These cheese cakes suit weddings year round and are perfectly fitted to more rustic decor—just try cutting into one of these and not feeling like you're in the south of France.

What's your favourite kind of wedding cake alternatives? Let us know below!

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