Autumn Floral Inspiration!

Finally, are we right? Our summer here in Vancouver was great and long and very toasty, but it was also marred by terrible forest fires in the interior of the province. So believe us when we say, we're happy to see some rain around here! 

The drop of temperatures always signals the beginning of such an exciting season—Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so many gorgeous autumn weddings. We made lists of some of our favourite autumn cocktails, which you can read here and here, and today, we want to talk florals! 

How does one imbue their bridal bouquet or centrepieces with the essence of pumpkin spice? Like this! 

Dark gemstone hues and orange roses!

Photos from Fab Mood, Junebug Weddings, and Women Getting Married.

How amazing are these bouquets? The themes we're seeing is lots of emphasis on gorgeous greenery, dark gemstone palettes with muted bursts of brightness, and the occasional orange rose. 

Pumpkin centre-piece!

Photos from Fab Mood, MunaLuchi Bride, and John Harwood.

If you thought we'd leave pumpkins out of this, you thought wrong. Also consider running some beautiful eucalyptus or boughs of green along the length of your tables, punctuating with a few tiny pumpkins or gorgeous red apples. The kids can take the pumpkins home after the wedding!

Autumnal flower crowns!

Photos from Paula O'Hara, Loren & Chris, and Jessica Oh.

While we're all excited about eating only root vegetables and stews for the next few months, also consider choosing flowers that are specific to autumn where you live! We love how the bride above incorporated red autumn leaves into her crown, and how the bride on the right looks like she might be wearing flowers indigenous to her area! So beautiful.

What do you think? Did you cater your bouquet to the season? We'd love to hear in the comments! Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Cover photo by Lauren Scotti.

xo D&C

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Wish I would of seen this earlier. Oh well now I have ideas for next fall

Amanda Joosten December 04, 2017

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