Bridal earrings, but make it fashion

By Megan Jenkins
Posted on December 07 2018

If you're anything like us, you love to spend time on Pinterest or Instagram fantasizing about dressing like some super fashionable influencer (how do they do it?! But also, we don't want to wear pirate-esque button downs and see through raincoats). Pinterest is great for the volume of images you're exposed to—many of which give you great ideas for how you'd like to dress, do your makeup, eat.... the list goes on. Forever. 

But a lot of these ideas are tough to implement. We love the look of certain fashionistas and want to emulate that vibe, but it just isn't always suitable or comfortable to aim for a one-to-one reproduction of an avant garde outfit. There are, however, simple, low key ways that one can wade into the world of puffy shirts and oversized blazers. 

Earrings are definitely one of these avenues. Tassles? Resin? Sign us up. These are really easy ways to totally dress up or update one of your favourite, most comfortable looks. So if you're keen to expand your horizons a little on your wedding day—to go for something really show stopping—your bridal earrings are a great way to spruce up your look. After combing Pinterest for our faves, we've gathered a list of 9 earrings that will take your bridal look from humdrum to haute couture in one beat.

 Gold statement earrings

Photos from Lulus, Seaworthy PDX, and Belmto. So cute! 

It was only a year or so ago that yellow gold was a point of contention. Is it back? Is it dated? We're definitely fans. We love these earrings for their interesting and eye catching shapes, but in such a familiar tone, they're still easy to wear. We love the Belmto Molly Earrings pictured—they've got a very laid back, effortless feeling to them. These pair well with a white, ivory, or even blush dress, and add warmth to your overall look.

Resin statement earrings

Photos from Rachel Comey, Mazi, and Super Cool Supply.

These resin earrings totally encapsulate that cool-french-girl vibe that the internet is violently, rabidly frothing over. Not totally on board with romancing some idea of French women, but we do concede that these earrings are pretty rad. They certainly stand out, but ultimately, are quite simple—and in the case of those gorgeous Mazis and half moon earrings from Super Cool Supply, they're actually pretty neutral. We love these paired with a boho, relaxed feeling wedding gown and a nice chunky heel. It's a really straightforward recipe for a top notch look. 

Tassle statement earrings

Photos from 607, Pinterest (without credits, unfortunately), and Making Nice in the Midwest.

Lastly, big on our trend radar are these cool tassel earrings. There's a saying that when you're taking your driver's test, you should wear tassel earrings because they will exaggerate your shoulder checks, making sure that your tester notices your A+ driving. We figure, if they shake about when driving, image how much fun they'll be when you're actually dancing! These earrings have tons of attitude and are tons of fun. The earrings from 607 are a bit on the smaller side, making them more accessible for first time crazy earring wearers. 

Where do you buy your earrings? Fill us in! After all this Pinterest prowling, we want to grow our collections! 

Be sure to share your favourites in the comments!

xo D&C


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