Cake Ideas for a Rustic Wedding

We've been on the prowl for cakes that would seem right at home at a wedding in an old churchyard in the south of France. Specific, yes—but when you get a load of these cakes you'll understand. This aesthetic, and the philosophy behind these cakes—taking influence from nature, from the surrounding terrain, going for sophisticated and subtle palates—is everything we'd want to embody at a gorgeous rustic wedding. Dig in! We've sourced the cake right back to the baker where possible, so start sending some emails and ordering cakes!

Florals all the way.

Yum! First photo is from The Wedding Playbook, but the cake was made by a friend of the bride. The blue cake is by Amor Bakery in California. The third is by the incredible Earth + Sugar. So dreamy!

That cake on the left? A cheese cake. Glorious.

Behold! A cheese wheel cake! How had we never heard of this before? This amazing creation is by Sheridans Cheesemongers. We'll take five! Yum! The cake on the right is by Lomelino.

Can't forget about our non-traditional cake alternatives!

Of course, we could never forget about some cake-alternatives! Those delicious looking crostatas are from Call Me Cupcake, and the fig cake is from Hungry Rabbit.

Take us away, already! We're ready to go get hitched in France (duh) just to justify eating these cakes and treats! 

xo D&C

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