Christmas Stocking Contest Extravaganza with 607!

Our sister brand, 607, has just launched an exciting Kickstarter in anticipation of their biggest Christmas season yet. Every year, the 607 team works like crazy to make by hand all of their stocking orders—and this year, they want to scale up.

The Kickstarter is raising money for three things: to purchase a die to cut fabric faster, to purchase bulk fabrics and take advantage of economies of scale, and to donate money to the BC SPCA.

607 loves making stockings for humans and pets alike, and wants to fill more homes than ever with customized, handmade stockings to brighten up the holiday season. Backers can snap up a totally personal stocking for 10% off the retail price for the next 30 days, and $3 from every pet stocking purchased will go to keep our animal friends waiting for their forever homes warm and happy

We've also got an exciting contest to share with you! We've decided to hold a cross-platform contest: enter, and you can win two customized stockings (His & Hers cuteness, anyone?) along with $100 to either the Davie and Chiyo or the 607 store, with some exclusions.

Each of the following is worth one entry:

- follow D&C and 607 by Davie and Chiyo on Facebook

- follow @davieandchiyo and @607bydavieandchiyo on Instagram

- tag 3 friends on the Contest post on D&C's Facebook or Instagram 

- tag 3 friends on the Contest post on 607's Facebook or Instagram

- share the Kickstarter post on 607's or D&C's Facebook 

- share the Contest post on 607's or D&C's Facebook

The contest closes June 30th, 2017, at midnight PST. Good luck! Click here for the Kickstarter.

xo D&C

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